How to Boost Wifi Signal Using Wireless Repeater

It is easy to connect your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to a hotspot in public places such as coffee shop, schools, office, or hotel. That’s how wifi works and people start using it at home. With wireless network, it is easy to stream online video, play online games, or just send emails. However, people are wondering how to boost wifi signal since it is common to receive wifi signal harder than usual. Firstly, there are many factors causing this problem. There are certain areas in your home where signals are hard to come by or at all. This is when you need a booster.

Wireless repeater to boost wifi signal

In fact, it is quite challenging for a signal wifi router to cover the entire are of your home or office especially when you expect fast and steady wireless signal. It will be even harder when your home is large and multi-level. If you install the router upstairs, the areas downstairs will be most likely receiver weaker signal and vice versa. So how to boost the signal then?

  • First, choose wifi that has faster home network connection. When you choose the more reliable wifi router, you don’t actually need a booster. However, it is still possible to some areas to not receive the signal even if the router is already high quality. The problem can be in the architectural factor. That’s when you need a reliable booster
  • Place wifi router in the center area so it offers more coverage. If you put it in the corner in certain room, it will be more difficult to broadcast the signal evenly. Most areas won’t be covered properly.
  • Set up wireless repeater between the router and the location where you want the signal to be received faster. You can choose portable repeater or plug-in repeater. It depends on your preference. However, make sure to choose the one that is reliable with high quality.
  • Choosing the most reliable repeater is also quite challenging. However, it is recommended to choose repeater with dual band instead of single band. Dual band repeaters can avoid speed loss which often happens to most repeaters. The performance of dual band repeater is better to choose. It is also better if you choose wireless repeater with dual radios. It has ability to speak to the main router on lower channels and rebroadcast on higher channels. Thus, the performance is more reliable for you.